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infindigo finnish lapphunds

Infindigo Riemu  Emmi ShCM


Hip Score:       6 / 3

prcd-1 PRA:    Clear (A) by Heredity

Pompe's:        Tested Clear

Eyes Tested:   30/04/2015


Photo: Helle Asquith

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Fin & Nor Ch Shacal Tiltaltti


Hip Score:        C / C

Elbows:             0 / 0

prcd-1 PRA:     Carrier (B)

Eyes Tested:    Mild distichiasis

Puppy Plans  -  Summer 2017

Emmi's second litter is planned with the stunning imported Finnish dog, Shacal Tiltaltti.  He has always been a dog everyone notices because of his beautiful and unusual colouring.  When I met him I was hooked - so laid back and calm, so cuddly and sweet and with such a lovely teddybear head.  


With his temperament and Emmi's, these puppies should be amazing.


In addition to all that, Tiltti's a terrific show dog too with lovely free movement, and I was thrilled to see him be awarded Reserve Best Dog at Crufts 2017.


I'm very excited for this litter and hope for plenty of wolf sables, like their parents!


If you are interested in having a puppy from us in the future, please have a look at the "Getting a Puppy" page and then get in touch.  

Shacal_Tiltaltti111 Tiltti-at-Crufts-2017 Emmi May 14 Emmi-&-Tiltti-April-2017-crop