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Kuura  -  Infindigo Persikka Kuura

Puppies by our Males

It's nice when other breeders use our dogs as studs for their girls.  It's a lovely opportunity to preserve our lines as well as to see what our lines can achieve with others that we may not have used ourselves.  


If you're interested in using one of our males for breeding, please get in touch.

Tarja  -  Glenchess Nightwish for Arianrhod


Girl 1 - Luna

Girl 2

Girl 3 - Arianrhod Amorphis

Arianrhod Finntroll JW - Bálor

Bálor has 1 CC awarded by judge Elaine Short at the FL Club of GB show April 2017.

Tarja Sm Girl 1 Face Girl 1 Girl 2 Crop Girl 2 Standing Girl 3 Face Girl 3 Boy Face Luna-Show Vikki's-Kuura-Bitch-FLCGB16-Treasure Balor-WELKS-17-Treasure