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infindigo finnish lapphunds

Dogs Owned in Partnership

We are very lucky to have made some lifelong friends through our love of this breed, and even luckier that we have found a group of dedicated, loyal and trusting people with whom we can share dogs.  Partnership dogs are beloved pets and showdogs or sports dogs for the families they live with, and they are breeding dogs for us, coming back to have puppies and carrying on the family line.


We are always happy to consider new partnership homes and welcome enquiries from people who might be interested in owning a Lappy in partnership with us.

KeksiSitMay10 Tippi-Mar-15 Emmi May 14 Kuura-sit-summer-13 Talvi-Summer-2015 Kaija-Autumn-2016 Ulla-Sep-2016 Jaana 8 weeks stand Anni-7.5-months-SoCos-2017 6-Etta-6-weeks-sit 1-Ella-Kiito-6-weeks-sit Nukka 4 weeks

Infindigo Lintu Nukka

Keksi's puppies:

Persikka litter

Riemu litter

Kuura's puppies:

Juhla litter

Emmi's puppies:

Mailat litter

Lintu litter

Taika 2010

Taika's puppies:

Tuisku litter

Kaija's puppies:

Raita litter


Loki's puppies:

Lapponnia litter

Ulla's puppies:

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